NAI Shames Makovsky is a full-service commercial real estate firm offering brokerage, property management, investment and development, and lending.

Our breadth of services allows us to better understand and assist our clients in realizing their business objectives.

As lenders, owners, managers, and brokers, we bring a deep understanding of the commercial real estate industry as a whole. This knowledge enables us to anticipate what is not yet envisioned and create flexible and sustainable strategies to get there.

Our clients range from institutions and pension fund advisors to private developers and individuals. Their needs are as diverse as their businesses and our intent is to provide custom solutions that are focused on their business objectives and financial bottom line.

We recognize that each assignment is of critical importance, whether for a first-time tenant or experienced landlord. It is vital that we cover each aspect of your transaction in detail, and that your dedicated leasing and management team have the capability to handle your other real estate needs as they arise.


NAI Shames Makovsky—uncovering the best solutions for the most difficult real estate transactions. Our relationship-driven approach serves as the catalyst for successful representation of buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords. Specialties in sales and leasing include: Office, Industrial, Retail, Investment, and Land

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Investment & Development

NAI Shames Makovsky—a pioneering force in the growth and development of the Denver commercial real estate landscape. Our unique and thoughtful approach has positioned us for long-term sustainability and value creation. Our investments are award winning and community focused.

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Property Management

NAI Shames Makovsky—managing properties with a dedication toward providing personalized, “hands-on” attention and an emphasis on building long-term relationships. Landlords, tenants, and business partners have come to rely on our promise of delivering honest and insightful service.

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NAI Shames Makovsky—supporting real estate professionals with short-term, asset-based lending services structured for each borrower’s unique circumstances. As an unregulated lender with significant real estate expertise, we provide direction and guidance on how to use short-term capital to create customized solutions.

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